The initiative allows a company to partner with a particular school, underwriting FLEA’s -FLEC curriculum materials needed to address the needs of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career. Some of the adopt-a-school business partners have a large base of employees who are able to participate in the Student Practicum Experience. The cost of becoming an Adopt-A-School partner is $30,000 per year.


Each year, FLEA’s partners are invited to attend the annual Adopt-A-School & Community Partners Breakfast. This event affords representatives from the business community to meet their school partners – teachers, principals, and students - as well as be recognized for their investment in the lives of these young people.


We will be prepared to offer sponsorship to the high school senior activities and the teaching staff:

  • Teacher Appreciation week - $100

  • Senior Meetings –$50 per meeting / up to five meetings

  • Prom - $250

  • Senior Breakfast



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