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TMX- Tru Money Experience

The Tru Money Experience (TMX) event is a personal finance game designed to offer students an eye-opening glimpse into their financial futures, giving them hands-on experience with making the financial decisions they will face after graduation. 


The TMX coursework guides students to make a ―practice run‖ at life in a safe environment. During the course of the game (approximately 3 hours or several class periods), they complete mock personal budgets—choosing their living situations, transportation, insurance, savings, education, investments, and more. Designed around core education standards, this curriculum/game uses experiential learning techniques to help students improve their financial decision-making abilities. The interactive approach improves retention rates while making the process enjoyable for students and teachers alike. 


The classroom version of the TMX event packs the same fun principles into a classroom environment. The first step of the TMX financial literacy game has students decide upon careers and make educational choices that affect their incomes. They choose clothing, housing, and transportation options to fit their budgets. Participants quickly become aware of the ongoing expenses associated with each decision as they learn about bills, budgeting, and how lifestyle choices affect their budgets. 



The RMX financial literacy game covers 12 essential topics: 

  • Credit

  • Housing

  • Career Community Service

  • Banking 

  • Housing 

  • Savings & Investments

  • Insurance

  • Long-Term Planning

  • Transportation

  • Day-to-Day Expenses

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