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We prepare students to go to college, help them pursue the right fit college, and support them as they persist at college in order to graduate. We believe every scholar must hit all three levels in order to successfully complete college within four years. Within each level are goals that have to be hit in order to achieve success. These goals are used to guide our RTC counseling teams as they work with our alumni, scholars, and families. 



  • Goal 1: Early college exposure: College trips provide unique opportunities for students to experience college life and to explore the different college options that will ultimately help them select their best fit college.

  • Goal 2: College readiness: We holistically prepare our scholars for college through lessons learned in and out of the classroom through community engagement, internships, and more.


  • Goal 1: College acceptance: We match each scholar with their best fit college to ensure the greatest chance for college persistence and graduation, analyzing a combination of academic, financial, and social factors. 

  • Goal 2: Financial aid goal: We strive to ensure that scholars with high financial need are able to receive enough funding to attend their best fit college without taking a significant amount of loans outside of federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans.


  • Goal 1: College persistence: Our goal is to ensure that scholars successfully matriculate and remain enrolled in college and are on track to graduate. We aim to provide our alumni with the tools, knowledge, and support system needed to successfully navigate college.  

  • Goal 2: College graduation: Our ultimate goal is to ensure that FLEA alumni graduate from college within 4 years. We believe that this goal can be accomplished only through successful implementation of the aforementioned goals.